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The priest who frightened Mob boss Riina

The fight against the Mafia of Father Puglisi       No more than a boy, a fresh-faced altar boy – our Giuseppe, our Pino. Immortalized with his head bowed, his eyes half closed in humble pride: holding in his hand a candle to give to the Cardinal. How thrilled he must be, young Pino. Soon he will grow up …

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A toxic waste dump has been discovered along the 44th county road of Messina, district of Portella Arena. We are in the neighborhood of Forte Crispi, or Batteria Minaia. This fortification, dated at the Umbertinian Age (19th century), benefited from an extremely strategic spot, where it managed to oversee the Stretto from north to south. This position allowed the structure …

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The journeys of hope to those are seeking freedom and find death

Another massacre has been worn a few days ago, in the Channel of Sicily: a boat carrying about 950 people sank tragically, on the night between 18 and 19 April, sixty miles north of Libya. The public prosecutor of Catania has got to listen to the valuable testimony of one of the twenty-eight survivors of the shipwreck, a young Bengali …

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